Work Experience: Academic Research


Research Assistant, 2011-2012
Finance Department, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Through my work as a research assistant to Prof. Rik Sen at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, I got exposed to the entire gamut of work that empirical research in finance entails – coming up with research ideas, formulating empirical testing strategies, identifying data sources, collecting data manually when needed, and conducting empirical analysis. A major project was to explore the relationship between voluntary and involuntary equity ownership of the CEOs and firm performance.



Work Experience: Industry


I have professional experience of approximately 7 years in the domains of:
  • Credit research and appraisal of small and medium enterprises 
  • Credit rating of structured finance (securitization) transactions
  • Project finance and debt syndication
Associate Vice President, 2010-2011
Transaction Advisory - Debt, Ernst & Young

I worked on appraising, structuring and placing transactions for raising debt and structured finance. These transactions covered a wide spectrum and primarily comprised Project Finance, Acquisition Finance, and Financial Restructuring across industries.

Associate Vice President, 2006-2009
Debt Capital Market, Kotak Mahindra Bank  

I worked on appraising and executing loan syndication and structured finance transactions. I contributed to successfully executing debt and preferred return transactions in real estate, telecom tower, renewable energy, and print media sectors. In addition, I managed the process of acquiring and subsequently selling-down/securitizing Corporate and Retail Loan Portfolios amounting to US$ 200 mn.

Senior Analyst, 2005-2006
Credit Ratings - Structured Finance, ICRA Limited (Subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation)

My initial responsibilities were credit research on various industry sectors and performance appraisal of small enterprises. Later, I joined the Structured Finance Ratings division where I undertook quantitative analysis of securitization transactions. As a member of the credit ratings team, I prepared rating cases across sectors and defended my recommendations in front of the rating committee. I was instrumental in devising “Cumulative Loss to Amortized Principal (CLAP) Analysis”, a new methodology with superior ability to predict default risk of Asset Backed Securities. The rating agency published my note explaining the advantages of CLAP Analysis and adopted the methodology to assign ratings to Asset Backed Securities.